Your play-by-play guide on how to leverage our behavioural biases 
to boost your conversions. 

Created in partnership with leading author and digital behaviour expert, Richard Shotton.

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No tricks here, 
just evidence

Behavioural science is the study of how people behave. 

Not how we want them to behave, or how they claim to, but how they actually behave. That makes it a pretty relevant topic for anyone wanting to influence their web user.

We worked with behavioural science expert Richard Shotton (author of The Choice Factory) to sift through decades of psychological research and identify 
10 changes you can make to your site today to boost your conversion rate. 

They're all based on behavioural biases identified from thousands of experiments by the world's leading psychologists. Instead of leaving the research to collect dust, we've brought it into the digital world to show how to apply their findings to influence the behaviour of your user.

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We're excited to have created this playbook with clear, actionable ideas to increase your conversion rate, actually rooted in behavioural science and supported by empirical research.

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- Richard Trigg, Experience Design Director

10 behaviour hacks to boost conversion


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